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Friday, August 13, 2010

Kady {2011 Del Oro Senior Portraits}

A warm breeze, grass waving gently and a big comfy chair
*Sigh* Hello Gorgeous.
Does this not make you want to just sink into that chair in the tall grass? I'm telling you, this sitting just represents August to me.
If I could wrap up August in one image and put a bow on it, this would be it.
If I were Italian I would go *muah* Perfecto!!
But alas, I am not Italian. So a simple smile and a sigh will have to do for now....

Oh sweet Kady. Sweet Kady who totally trusted us and our crazy ideas. As soon as she showed us the dress I knew exactly what we would do with it.
We really did have such a great time with Kady. Thank you again for a really fun afternoon. :)

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Amber Leonard said...

WOW! I love that dress! It's an eye catcher for sure! Great photos!

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