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November is booked!

All orders to be delivered by Christmas need to be placed by December 3rd.
All orders placed after will have a rush fee.

Santa will be visiting our studio again December 17th & 18th!

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Friday, February 12, 2010

We are loved

We have fans. It's true. And they love us. And know us well enough to get us fruit.
I mean, what's not to love about a bouquet of fruit!

I'm pretty sure chocolate covered granny smith apples are my new favorite thing.

We also received some very beautiful red tulips. They are now soaking up lovely
(and much awaited) sunshine in our lobby! :)

(And no, these are not from our husbands. I know that's what you were thinking. Oh, and please excuse the over-excited face. I haven't seen strawberries that yummy looking in MONTHS. And yes, it was a coincidence that we are both wearing red. We tend to accidentally match more frequently than we'd like.)

So Happy Valentine's Day to you all! Go give someone a hug and tell them how much you love them.
You'll so make their day :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Angel Petite Session

Angel Petite Session
This Saturday only
Sessions are only $30

Call today to book your session, limited availability

Your portraits will be online in your own gallery and you will have until Monday, February 8th to place your order to guarantee delivery before Valentine's Day. All other orders must be placed by Friday, February 12th. Cards will be available but delivery is not guaranteed before Valentine's Day.

Sessions are 15 minutes
Please arrive on time or early for your appointment
All sessions must be prepaid
We provide the Angel attire for both boys and girls
Any other outfit needs to be provided by you and approved by the photographer
Sessions are designed for one child
Additional children or outfits require additional sessions

For more information on Petite Sessions please go here


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