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All orders to be delivered by Christmas need to be placed by December 3rd.
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Santa will be visiting our studio again December 17th & 18th!

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

THANK YOU!!! Best of the Best TWO years in a row!!

We seriously have the best community EVER!!
Thank you Loomis for voting us BEST of the BEST two years in a row!
YOU guys are awesome!
And to show you how awesome you are we have something for you in this week's Loomis News! ;)
So make sure to check the special pull out section and while you're there you can check out the other Best of the Best winners!

Love you guys!!

-Amanda and Tina

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sweet baby Hannah

I really have the most gorgeous family.
This is my beautiful cousin Terah and her amazing husband Dayne.
Oh, and of course their sweet baby girl Hannah!
They are so very happy with their new addition. And oh do they love her! I don't know that this little girl will ever be put down. Between her very loving mother and incredibly protective and caring father, her Grandparents and Aunties, she's going to get more lovin' than she'll ever know what to do with!
And I think everyone will be ok with that! ;)

Like I said, I have the most gorgeous family! :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Miss Amy

We had the pleasure of taking Miss Amy's pictures! Kind of an 8th grade milestone session. We visited the property of a long time family friend of theirs and were lucky enough to catch everything in bloom.
We had such a great afternoon with her and her mom. We had to keep reminding ourselves that she's only graduating 8th grade! She is one of the sweetest most polite girls we've ever had! And on top of all that just beautiful!
Thank you again Amy! (and Anna!) We really had a great time with both of you! :)

Check Facebook in a few! :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

New Website!

We have a new website!
It's so fresh and so clean! And it's full screen! *in sing-song voice*
New-ness (besides the crisp layout of course)
TONS of new client photos!
Business Headshot gallery,
New and Fabulous Product gallery
Dance gallery (still adding to that one)
So scoot on over and take a peek!

Because this post would be incomplete without a picture I found the perfect representation!
This is how I feel about the website.
And since I obviously cannot do this, Carlene is doing it for me!

Yes, that is my beautiful baby sister.
She just had surgery on her left foot. She is aching to do this again but it will still be a few months.
I can't wait for the day to see her do this again!

Frames anyone?

If you haven't had a chance to come by our studio, you may not know about all the fantastic extra things we carry!
So I thought I'd take a minute and share...

For today here's just a little peek of two of our collage frames.
We have a gorgeous frame line. I just love everything they have.
The frame and mat combinations are endless and they have everything for anyone's home.
The best part? When you take it home all you need to do is put a nail in the wall!
(and I'll even do that if you need an extra hand!)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sweet baby boy

If this isn't the sweetest thing you've ever seen then I don't know what is.
Just look at those oh-so-kissable little toes and lips!!
Aren't they just beautiful!?
This sister just loves her new baby brother.
She just sat and sang to him patted him sweetly on his little head. I so wanted to put up all the pictures of her singing and telling him stories, but I knew once I got started I wouldn't be able to stop!


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